Estêvão da Cunha

Graduated in Law by the Faculty of Law of the Univeristy of Lisbon. Master Degree in Administrative Law by the Faculty of Law of Universidade Católica Portuguesa with a thesis on Civil Liability of the Public Administration (2008).

Estêvão has been a lawyer since 2004 in the law firm of António d’Orey da Cunha (“OREY DA CUNHA” since 2014), and is a founding partner of PACT-OREY DA CUNHA.

Estêvão specializes in Litigation, focusing his practice in pre-judicial and judicial actions in Civil Law procedures (with focus on civil liability, contracts, real estate, construction and tenancy, both in national and international relations), in Administrative Law procedures (public liability, urban planning, public employment, public tenders and contracts, social security and legal challenge of administrative acts in general) and Tax Procedures (tax liquidation legal challenges, both in pre-judicial and judicial phases, including arbitration), as well as Expropriation Procedures.

He is also responsible for defence in Administrative Offences’ procedures and for representing claimers or suspects in criminal procedures, mainly in matters of tax and social security.

He also advises his clients in several contractual maters, such as tenancy and construction, real estate and its tax implications.

He published his thesis in Administrative Law, on Public Administration liability (2010). He also published a handbook on the legal challenge of administrative acts (2nd Edition 2011).

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