Our Network

In a global market, legal advice often involves several jurisdictions, whether in international trade, planning of transnational investments, opening of branches and subsidiaries, transfer of staff and workers, tax planning, or advising private investors in the choice of their tax residency, according to their specific needs.

We advise our clients in all countries within our international network, where we have partnerships with one or more local firms.

  • Brazil
  • Angola
  • China
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany


Despite having gone through a troubled period in recent times, Brazil is, and will remain, one of the strongest economies in the world, especially after the recent discovery of huge deposits of oil and natural gas, and is the largest market in Latin America with more than 190 million people.

Being a market with such enormous potential, it is also a jurisdiction where traditionally Portuguese lawyers and law firms have had strong influence and presence, for cultural and linguistic reasons, and also because our private civil law is in many ways identical.

In recent years, we have been intensifying our activity in Brazil, through a network of local partners in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, assisting Portuguese investors and entrepreneurs, as well as Brazilian clients interested in investing in Portugal, or through Portugal, as a gateway to Europe.

We have also organized and participated in several conferences about the Portuguese legal framework on foreign investment.


Angola is one of the main countries of destination of Portuguese exports. Also, traditionally, Portuguese law teachers, lawyers and law firms have had a strong influence and presence, especially considering the fact that its law is largely influenced by Portuguese law.

In recent years, we have been advising several clients on investment projects in Angola, in the private and public sectors, namely in local partnerships with government entities.

For that matter, we have developed a network of contacts and partnerships with local law firms, legal advisors and a good relationship with several public entities.

Through our local partners, we offer full legal advice to all clients with activities in Angola.


In recent years, we have assisted many Chinese clients, investing in several sectors, most notably in real estate, as a mean to obtain the residence visa for investors.

In the course of our work with Chinese investors, we have been invited to conferences in China (Shanghai, Beijing and Macau) about investments in Portugal, which we have attended, together with representatives of Portuguese Agency for International Trade (AICEP) and the Chinese Embassy in Portugal.

We have also developed a strong network of local partnerships in China, which include financial institutions, law firms, and other economic agents.


Spain is the main customer of Portuguese exports, and the first market for many investors and entrepreneurs when it comes to internationalise their products or services.

We have lawyers in our team with several years of experience in Spanish law firms and direct and regular experience assisting clients with investments in Spain.

We also have local partners in the main cities of Spain, offering our clients global advice in all business sectors.


In the course of the past 5 years, Portugal became the subject of increased interest from French individuals and corporate investors, who have found a business opportunity in our country, particularly in the real estate sector.

Likewise, several French individuals have been moving their tax residence to Portugal, to profit from the advantages offered by the Non-Regular Tax Regime for Non-Regular Residents.

Through our network of local partners in France, we have been assisting our French clients in all phases of planning and execution of their investments, or change of residence.


Germany is the first country of the EU in terms of number of exports, being, together with the United Kingdom, the most industrialised country.

It is a natural market for investors looking for solidity, confidence and a safe jurisdiction for their investments.

It is also one of the leading exporting countries to all jurisdictions that form part of our international network.

With a regular presence in Germany, we provide local advice to our German clients in their affairs in Portugal and in the countries within our global network.