Commercial and Corporate Law

In our Commercial and Corporate Law department, all lawyers have several years of experience in advising companies and operations, providing clients with integrated support in all areas of commerce.

At the corporate level, we advise our clients in the process of incorporation of companies, preparing corporate bylaws and all relevant shareholders’ agreements, as well as on all corporate operations, namely mergers and acquisitions.

We work at all times in strict cooperation with our Tax Law Department, in order to select the most appropriate and efficient structures for each operation or commercial activity.

We also advise our clients, directors, board members, or managers, on coping with their legal responsibilities, providing the necessary support in compliance, limitation of professional exposure, corporate governance and implementation of best corporate practices.

Furthermore, we provide all necessary support to shareholders, assisting them in the full exercise of their rights, namely in the supervision of corporate management and accounts.

“All lawyers have several years of experience in advising companies and operations”

In recent years, one of the central areas of the Corporate and Commercial Law Department has been the assistance and follow-up of start-up companies, advising the promoters on all legal aspects associated with its creation, development and approach to investors, private or institutional.

In Commercial Law, we assist in the negotiation, preparation and supervision of commercial contracts, namely Agency, Franchising, Distribution, Transport, Joint Venture, Assignment of Commercial Establishment, among others. We also provide legal assistance in Consumer Law.

Finally, we assist our clients in the resolution of all disputes related to the execution of these contracts, in court or arbitration.

Our Network

We advise our clients in all countries within our international network.