ARI Portugal

We carry out, on behalf of our clients, the whole process of obtaining the Golden Visa (“Residence Permit for Investment Activity”) on Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras in Portugal.

We also provide all relevant legal assistance in planning and executing the steps and procedures of the investment activity in order to achieve the best quality and efficiency for the investors, namely in what concerns tax obligations.

With that purpose in mind, our lawyers perform a comprehensive analysis of the implications regarding each specific cross-border transaction to define and implement the most adequate structures and vehicles.
We deal and work, on a regular basis, with the main players in the real estate market, and can provide valuable assistance to our clients in every phase of the investment according to each profile of investors.

Non-Regular Tax Regime for Non-Regular Residents

Ever since this particular legal framework came into force, our lawyers have been advising several individuals, national and foreign, who wish to transfer their tax residence to Portugal, qualifying as Non-Regular Residents, thus benefiting from an extensive package of tax benefits and exemptions, for a period of 10 years.

In this context, we provide all the preparatory advisory services, in contact with legal advisers in the clients’ home jurisdiction, advising on the structuring of his assets and income, in order to maximize access and profit of all tax exemptions and benefits of the Non-Regular Resident.

Our Network

We advise our clients in all countries within our international network.